NTEU Stewards

Stewards are employee volunteers committed to helping NTEU members in matters of concern related to violations in the NTEU Collective Bargaining Unit Agreement (CBA or "the contract") and federal employment law. Stewards work in partnership with other stewards and the NTEU Chapter 280 officers on matters of importance to the Chapter. Stewards serve as our eyes and ears. Being easily accessible, Stewards are frequently initial points of contact for employees who seek help or guidance from the Union. These volunteers specialize in knowing how the CBA applies and educating employees about their rights and spotting CBA violations. In coordination with the Chief Steward and other officers, they meet with management and negotiate and file grievances. Stewards help ensure that all NTEU bargaining unit employees are treated with dignity and respect in the workplace at EPA headquarters.

Chief Steward

Diane Lynne, (202) 566-2786

Office of Air and Radiation

Anne Pastorkovich, (202) 343-9623

Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention

Alaa Kamel, 202-564-5336

Office of Chief Financial Officer

Toby Jeong, 202-564-2799

Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

Dan Chadwick, 202-564-7054
Dean Ziegel, 202-564-4038

Office of Environmental Information

Pat Williams, 202-566-0204

Office of General Counsel

Andrea Medici, 202-564-5634
Nicole Rementer, 202-564-3692

Office of Land and Emergency Management (formerly OSWER)

Craig Beasley, 202-564-2087
Nathan Wittstruck, 703-308-8408

Office of Pesticide Programs


Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics

William Irwin, 202-564-8916
Eric Jackson, 202-564-8417
Adam Ross, 202-564-1625

Office of Research and Development


Office of Water

Diana Eignor, 202-566-