Daily Flexible Schedule

Click the image, above, to download the Daily Flexible Schedule application form.

Click the image, above, to download the Daily Flexible Schedule application form.

Have you ever gotten delayed coming into work? Did that stress you out because you were concerned that people were counting how many times you were late? Have you ever wanted flexibility to shift your schedule on a day-to-day basis without supervisor approval to handle child-care responsibilities, errands, or just because you like to vary things?

The Collective Bargaining Agreement approved last year includes a new schedule option called the Daily Flexible Schedule. Features include:

  • ability to vary your starting and stopping time plus or minus one hour each day with no additional approval and without being considered "late" or "early;" and
  • ability to use and earn "credit hours" and to carry up to 24 banked credit hours between pay periods.

This schedule treats you as a professional and adult, not as a child working a factory line punching a clock. It also relieves a lot of stress in managing your daily life.

If you want to start on this schedule, click here to download the form, fill it out, and provide it to your supervisor. Your supervisor should approve your request unless there are "special work situations" that genuinely affect the "overall performance of the organization." The CBA requires that "[a]ll schedules must be consistent with organizational needs, provide for adequate, continuous office coverage, and result in no diminution of work performed."

Keep in mind, however, that "Supervisors are encouraged to provide maximum flexibility for their employees."

If your request is denied, your supervisor must "provide a written explanation to the employee, upon request." Once you request and receive that written explanation, come see us!