Government Funding Update

According to the Washington Post's Daily 202 column:

Lawmakers are still working this evening to complete a $1.1 trillion spending and tax package to fund the government through September 2016.

House Republicans have scheduled a meeting at 9 p.m. tonight to discuss the status of the talks.

Harry Reid says the deal is being held up because of disagreements over a plan to lift the 40-year ban on oil exports and proposed changes to the Child Tax Credit, Kelsey Snell relays. “Republican leaders have not accepted a request from Democrats to increase tax breaks for renewable energy producers in exchange for agreeing to lift the oil export ban.” But they’re also arguing about GOP demands to limit fraud in the tax credit program that Democrats believe would negatively affect low-income workers. Ocean conservation is also being debated.

If there’s a deal, the House is expected to go first, voting late Thursday. Senate Republicans will meet tomorrow discuss it.

Lawmakers will need to pass another short-term funding bill to prevent the government from shutting down tomorrow.