Senate Passes 5-Day Continuing Resolution

Never mind kicking the can down the road, there's nothing like kicking the can a few feet in front of you. Today The Senate has passed a short-term funding measure (H.R. 2250) to avert a lapse in appropriations.  By voice vote, the Senate cleared the text of a House-introduced five-day Continuing Resolution (CR), which keeps the government open until Midnight, December 16.

The CR must be passed by the House of Representatives to avert a shutdown with current funding set to expire Friday.  It is expected at this time that the House will pass this CR tomorrow and send it to the President for signature.  The White House indicated that the President will sign the five day stopgap measure which maintains current levels of agency funding until midnight, December 16.   

According to Politico, "Republicans and Democrats are having a difficult time coming to agreement on a yearlong spending bill and tax-break package. The latest Democratic offer — which included policy riders dealing with green energy — is a non-starter for the GOP. Ryan (R-Wis.) huddled with McConnell (R-Ky.) after meeting withHouse Republican leaders Thursday morning."

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