POSTPONED: Discussion with EPA's Scientific Integrity Official


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NTEU 280 encourages its members to join EPA's Scientific Integrity Official, Dr. Francesca T. Grifo, to discuss scientific integrity issues that concern them. The discussion occurs June 6, from 3:30-4:30 p.m. EDT in Room 5020, William Jefferson Clinton North Building.
In addition to Dr. Grifo, EPA’s Whistleblower Ombudsman, Steven Alderton, will also be there to discuss his role and share information related to the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act.

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NTEU 280 Appoints Scientific Integrity Officer

NTEU Chapter 280 led the effort for EPA to recognize scientific-integrity principles in the 90s. The Chapter's efforts ultimately led to Administrator Carol Browner agreeing to the Principles of Scientific Integrity in 1999. These principles include ensuring that employees:

  • perform work of the highest integrity;
  • represent their own work fairly and accurately;
  • represent and acknowledge the intellectual contributions of others;
  • avoid financial conflicts of interest and ensure impartiality in the performance of scientific duties;
  • be cognizant of and understand the specific programmatic statutes that guide their work;
  • accept the affirmative responsibility to report any breach of these principles; and
  • welcome differing views and opinions on scientific and technical matters as a legitimate and necessary part of the process to provide the best possible information to regulatory and policy decision-makers.

The principles, above, apply also to EPA management and political officials. Given recent attacks on science, the Chapter is now creating a Chapter Scientific Integrity Officer. The Officer will be responsible for leading the Chapter's scientific-integrity committee, meeting with EPA scientific-integrity officials, identifying suspected scientific-integrity violations, and updating the Chapter's Executive Board on scientific-integrity issues. 

By placing this renewed emphasis on scientific integrity, Chapter 280 will ensure its scientist members are protected from attacks for doing their job, and will help ensure that EPA continues protecting human health and the environment.

If you are a member of Chapter 280 and are interested in serving on the Chapter's Scientific Integrity Committee, please email a statement of why you are interested to President Diane Lynne by clicking here.