Writing Congress

The NTEU Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) guarantees NTEU representatives the right to reach out to Congress. Representatives are guaranteed the right to:

  • act for a labor organization in the capacity of a representative and the right in that capacity to present the views of the labor organization to … the Congress….

  • receive official time to contact members of Congress and their staffs to discuss legislative and related matters affecting the Employer and its employees.

But it’s not only union officials that can reach out to Congress. You also can contact your member of Congress on matters that concern you during your breaks and lunch periods. NTEU makes it easy to do through its congressional action website at action.nteu.org.

You can write Congress about the lack of pay raises to keep up with inflation, the removal of employee rights through the President’s anti-employee executive orders, protecting EPA’s budget, and many other issues. All you need to do is type your zip code, it will automatically locate your member of congress, pre-format a letter you can then edit or send.

Just click here to visit NTEU’s action page now.