Storm Closure: Can My Boss Make Me Take Leave or Telework?

We've learned that some managers are erroneously telling their employees that they need to take annual leave when they are actually entitled to administrative leave as a result of the recent wind-related closure. We've also learned that some employees were told to telework, even though they did not have or want a telework agreement.

Read on to learn your rights and find out how to code your time sheet.....

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Telework & EPA Closures: Do I have to telework?

As you may have noticed, the rules regarding telework (used to be called "flexiplace") and snow days changed with the most recent collective bargaining agreement (CBA). When the government closes due to weather, terrorism, or other calamitous event, it's important to know the rules on whether or not you need to telework. In order to better understand the new rules, we’ve put together this question and answer document.

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