Badging Entry Update

No punch clocks at EPA HQ!

No punch clocks at EPA HQ!

You may have seen an email this week from the Office of Administration and Resource Management's Facilities Management and Services Division regarding the "Physical Access Control System" in WJC North and South buildings. This new system will eventually require that your badge be held to a small black pad for a short time when coming into EPA buildings or into interior controlled spaces.

As you can probably imagine, this new system generates a large amount of data on when you came into a building, and if management has its way, in the evening when you leave. Our members are understandably concerned that this data would be improperly used as a defacto time clock, much like factory workers punch when clocking in and clocking out of the factory floor.

Fear not, NTEU has you covered.

EPA management assures us that this system is to be used for security purposes only, not for timekeeping. But we're not taking their word for it! We negotiated a memorandum of understanding that specifies that the system "shall not store or track, or be used to store or track, attendance, location, or work hours" of employees. It's just one more thing NTEU Chapter 280 is doing to protect you.

Keep in mind that we're only able to have this kind of positive impact on you if you are a dues-paying member. Please consider joining today and strengthening our bargaining position. More information here.

Waiver of Telework Waiting Period for Certain Employees

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