NTEU Fights for You

Click above to download a flyer to hang in your office or cube.

Click above to download a flyer to hang in your office or cube.

There are new threats to the important, hard work you do every day at the EPA. NTEU is here to serve as your advocate through uncertainty.

NTEU is YOUR Union working on:

  • Educating Congress and the administration on what you do
  • Defending EPA employees
  • Fighting threats to your agency

Now we must stand together. Join NTEU and Join the fight for EPA employees.

Click the image at the right to download a flyer with this message. Hang it in your cube or office, in your break room, and on community bulletin boards around the office.

Website Changes

We wanted to mention a couple of cool changes to the NTEU Chapter 280 website that we recently activated. At the top of the home page, for example, you'll note a new news panel that shows you the most recent posts from our news blog. In addition to the first three most recent posts, the panel will rotate automatically through the most recent 15 or so posts, three posts at a time. This saves you time, letting you quickly see what's new, and allowing you to only click the stories you're interested in.

In addition to the home page news panel, we also have a news sidebar that sits next to each article you're viewing. This side bar allows you to move directly from one story that interests you to another without needing to go back to the main news listing.

We've had a Twitter feed for a while. But you've had to navigate to our Twitter page to view our posts or subscribe through your favorite Twitter app. Now you can visit the home page and scroll to the bottom. You'll see the most recent tweets of the Chapter right on our website.

If you have any other suggestions to make the website more useful to you, or to provide story ideas, please make them using our Contact page.

Chapter 280 Now on Facebook

If you're one of those people who hates checking websites, but loves checking Facebook pages, NTEU Chapter 280 is now live on Facebook at this page.

Members will still receive our Members-Only emails of information not posted to the website, and the website will remain our primary communications tool for general information. But now you'll have another way to access much of the information posted here.

And don't forget to check out our Twitter feed as well!

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