WaPo Article Praises Federal Employees & Union Efforts

Image Washington Post. Check out the  article here .

Image Washington Post. Check out the article here.

Yesterday's Washington Post carried an essay reflecting on NTEU and other federal unions' court challenge to President Trump's anti-employee, anti-union executive orders, characterizing the efforts as the real resistance to President Trump's illegal actions.

The article quotes NTEU President Tony Reardon.  The author of the essay noted that the "federal workforce’s resistance, it should be noted, does not mean sabotaging political priorities. Feds work to fulfill the mission of their agencies, even in an administration that shows them no love. ....  'From the beginning, this administration has targeted federal employees with a host of harmful policies, threats to their paychecks, offensive rhetoric and flat-out disrespect,' said National Treasury Employees Union President Tony Reardon. 'The men and women of the federal workforce proudly serve their country and it is unfortunate that the administration doesn’t value that service.'”

It's a positive perspective on federal employees and their unions, like NTEU and is worth checking out.