Early Timecard Certification - Delayed Supervisor Approvals

You may have seen the "This Week @ EPA" email from the Administrator today. Under the "Hot Topics" section, the email notes early time and attendance attestation due to the upcoming Labor Day holiday. It further notes that "employees will receive pay only after they and their supervisors certify their timecards in PeoplePlus" and that if your supervisor fails to approve your timecard by the deadline, your pay will be delayed by four days after your supervisor certifies.

Pay period deadlines are:

  • Employees are required to input, “attest and submit” and “save” their time and attendance information in PeoplePlus by 10:00 PM EDT on Wednesday, Aug. 31.
  • All managers and supervisors with time approval responsibilities must complete their approvals of submitted time cards by 8:00 PM EDT on Thursday, Sept. 1.

If your pay is being delayed due to your supervisor not doing her or his job--in other words, approving your timecard late, please immediately contact Chief Steward Alan Carpien and ask him to intervene. We can speak with the supervisor and, if necessary, file a grievance on your behalf to challenge repeated delayed pay due to supervisor lateness.

Keep in mind that any grievance we file for you must be filed within 30 days of you finding out you were not paid on time. We need to speak with you about any delay well in advance of that 30-day deadline. More on the grievance process here.