Pressure on Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

We've heard that some people are being told by management to give favorable ratings in this year's Employee Viewpoint Survey. While NTEU Chapter 280 encourages you to fill out the survey, no one should be pressuring you about how to fill out the survey. Additionally, if you do not want to fill it out, you do not have to. It is completely voluntary and no manager should be telling you otherwise.

If your manager asks you whether you completed the survey, or asks you what you said on the survey, respectfully decline to answer. Please also immediately contact NTEU Chapter 280 and let us know that you're receiving inappropriate pressure regarding the survey and that you fear retaliation, if you do.

No one can take any adverse action against you for (1) not completing the survey, (2) giving your managers poor ratings, (3) refusing to disclose whether or not you completed the survey, or (4) refusing to disclose your answers. It is your business and your business alone. Should you receive this kind of inappropriate pressure, please contact one of our chapter officers by clicking this link.

Remember, your answers on the survey are anonymized. Your name will be stripped away from your answers, so your managers will not know what you say. So if you have negative feedback for your managers, please complete the survey. We do not want bad managers not to be accountable because you were afraid to complete the survey. Your answers will remain confidential.