Federal Budget Update

Congress has been working in recent months to pass FY19 appropriations bills in small groups, each called a “minibus,” after President Trump expressed displeasure in the spring at signing an omnibus appropriations bill, consisting of all 12 delayed FY18 bills, and stated that he would never do that again. As of today, both the Senate and House have passed the so-called minibus I, H.R. 5895, consisting of full year funding for the Energy and Water, Legislative Branch, and Military Construction and Veterans Affairs funding measures. The President is expected to sign the bill.

This week….

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WaPo Article Praises Federal Employees & Union Efforts

Yesterday's Washington Post carried an essay reflecting on NTEU and other federal unions' court challenge to President Trump's anti-employee, anti-union executive orders, characterizing the efforts as the real resistance to President Trump's illegal actions.

The article quotes NTEU President Tony Reardon….

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NTEU Supports Federal Employees Under Attack

Federal employee rights and benefits are under attack.


The collective bargaining agreement at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) expired. HHS proposed to eliminate 21 entire articles from the contract, including articles governing alternative work schedules, telework, performance appraisals, awards, and transit subsidies. HHS also proposed to exclude over 40 subjects from the grievance procedure. After only 2 ½ days, the HHS "bargaining team" declared an impasse, ending the "bargaining." This dispute will likely come before the Federal Service Impasse Panel, the panel that resolves disputes between federal agencies and unions representing federal employees. The panel's members are appointed by the President.

NTEU is pursuing measures on Capitol Hill, such as filing a bad-faith bargaining unfair labor practice grievance, in addition to the pending executive order lawsuit.

HHS' proposals mirror those that were unilaterally implemented at the Department of Education. Other NTEU represented agencies could be next. 

Update on Legislation Introduced to Take Away Employee Rights

Recently, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee met to consider several anti-employee and anti-union bills.

The proposed bills would eliminate collective bargaining on Information Technology decisions, upend the role of the Merit Systems Protection Board….

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Senate Approves a 1.9% Pay Increase for Federal Workers


On August 1st, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved the Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) spending bill for fiscal year 2019. The Senate approved a 1.9% pay increase for federal employees by a vote of 92 to 6. NTEU worked closely with our allies in the Senate to protect the pay increase despite opposition from the White House, which called for a federal employee pay freeze for 2019. NTEU will continue to push to secure a pay increase for 2019 as the bill goes to conference. 

New Officers Starting July 1

election results.jpg

NTEU Chapter 280 chose new officers for the next three-year term, which starts July 1, 2018 and extends until June 30, 2021. The new officers are:

President:  Joe Edgell
Executive VP:  Amer Al-Mudallal
Senior VP:  Derek Threet
Chief Steward:  Diane Lynne
Treasurer:  Dr. Bernard Schneider
Secretary:  Toby Jeong
VPs at Large:

  • David Alexander
  • Allison Hoppe
  • Maria Rodriguez
  • Bill Wassell
  • David Wynn

Each of the officers-elect shown above were unopposed for their respective offices. As a result, the NTEU Chapter 280 by-laws state that when a candidate for office is unopposed, election for that office is unnecessary and the candidate is considered "duly elected." The chapter officers make up the Chapter's Executive Board.

Reagan Building Air Quality Concerns

NTEU Chapter 280 helps employees with many concerns. Most recently we worked to ensure safe and healthful working conditions were restored after a floor in the Reagan Building due to a leak in a water pipe.

Based upon our inspection, we discovered that either the new carpet, new paint, or carpet glue was off-gassing. Here's the email we sent to EPA facilities asking them to adopt remedial measures....

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