New Officers Starting July 1

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NTEU Chapter 280 chose new officers for the next three-year term, which starts July 1, 2018 and extends until June 30, 2021. The new officers are:

President:  Joe Edgell
Executive VP:  Amer Al-Mudallal
Senior VP:  Derek Threet
Chief Steward:  Diane Lynne
Treasurer:  Dr. Bernard Schneider
Secretary:  Toby Jeong
VPs at Large:

  • David Alexander
  • Allison Hoppe
  • Maria Rodriguez
  • Bill Wassell
  • David Wynn

Each of the officers-elect shown above were unopposed for their respective offices. As a result, the NTEU Chapter 280 by-laws state that when a candidate for office is unopposed, election for that office is unnecessary and the candidate is considered "duly elected." The chapter officers make up the Chapter's Executive Board.

Reagan Building Air Quality Concerns

NTEU Chapter 280 helps employees with many concerns. Most recently we worked to ensure safe and healthful working conditions were restored after a floor in the Reagan Building due to a leak in a water pipe.

Based upon our inspection, we discovered that either the new carpet, new paint, or carpet glue was off-gassing. Here's the email we sent to EPA facilities asking them to adopt remedial measures....

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Reagan Flood Closure Update

NTEU Chapter 280 has been monitoring the safety issues associated with the recent flood in the Reagan building closely to ensure it's safe for employees to return to work in the building. Management and NTEU agreed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement that we have a role in ensuring safety of employees, which we're exercising.

In case you didn't know, a water pipe.....

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And Then They Came for the Toilets...

NTEU learned yesterday through one of its members that EPA planned to turn off the water in the Potomac Yard building for four hours on Friday depriving all employees of bathroom facilities, drinking water, and dish-washing capability. While no formal notice was provided to EPA's headquarters unions, employees at Potomac Yard received the following cursory notice from the building manager......

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Union Files Grievance Challenging Wasteful Timekeeping System

The EPA Inspector General investigates fraud, waste, and abuse, and defines "waste" as "extravagant, careless or needless expenditure of government funds, or the consumption of government property that results from deficient practices, systems, controls or decisions." The Office of Chief Financial Officer's roll-out of the latest PeoplePlus "upgrade" certainly qualifies. This new system caused thousands of wasted employee hours to accomplish what was previously being done in only a few minutes.

Our informal surveys of employees revealed dozens of hours of wasted time per employee just trying to accurately input time. We learned that many employees on flexible schedules were taking up to two hours to get time certified every two weeks. Assuming 20% of employees are on flexible schedules, that is approximately 5,800 wasted hours each pay period.....

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Storm Closure: Can My Boss Make Me Take Leave or Telework?

We've learned that some managers are erroneously telling their employees that they need to take annual leave when they are actually entitled to administrative leave as a result of the recent wind-related closure. We've also learned that some employees were told to telework, even though they did not have or want a telework agreement.

Read on to learn your rights and find out how to code your time sheet.....

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Next Shutdown Deadline March 23

The budget deal decided the size of the overall federal pie, but not the size of each slice agencies will receive.

The budget deal decided the size of the overall federal pie, but not the size of each slice agencies will receive.

By now you've heard there was a budget deal signed by the President. The deal re-opened the shuttered federal government, but only through March 23.

It also sets the overall amount of money the federal government has, but not individual agency allocations. As Politico noted, it sets the overall size of the pie, but did not establish the size of the slices that each agency gets.

Between now and March 23, Congress needs to fight about the appropriation that each agency will receive. That exercise needs to be completed by March 23. If they don't succeed by the deadline, the government will either again close its doors, or they will need to pass another continuing resolution.

If you're concerned about EPA's budget or other issues, click here and email your Congressperson.

Budget Deal in the Works, CR Will Be Necessary

Annual budget process flow chart. This is how its supposed to work.

Annual budget process flow chart. This is how its supposed to work.

I'm sure you've already heard about the budget deal being worked out in the Senate today. We're on Capitol Hill this week at NTEU's legislative conference. What we've learned from our discussions with Senators, Congresspersons, and legislative staff is that it will likely take a couple weeks to work out the budget deal between the house and the Senate. That will require one or two new continuing resolutions (CRs).

Staff we spoke with expect the CR to be voted on today and to pass because neither party has an appetite for another shutdown. That will give both houses of Congress time to work out an "omnibus" budget deal.

Speaker Pelosi seems, however, unhappy that there's no DACA-fix included in the budget deal. Staff nonetheless expect that this objection will not stop a budget deal that's in the works.

The wildcard is, of course, President Trump. It is unknown whether the President will sign the omnibus into law. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

The Clock is Running on Next Shutdown Threat

Unless you were on another planet, you know by now that another short-term continuing resolution (CR) was passed to keep the government open. This CR expires at midnight on February 8, 2018, which means that if a budget deal is not reached in Congress by then and signed by the President, the government will again shut down.

EPA announced before the last shutdown that it had funds to operate for about a week. Assuming that's true, and knowing that we've used one of those days of funds while the rest of the government was shut down, it is likely that EPA will be able to operate through February 14 or 15 before needing to shutter the doors.

NTEU National was on the Hill fighting for us and obtained two large victories....

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